The shell scheme concept was created by Octanorm back in the 60s and this popular booth-for-hire format has remained much the same ever since.

Today the vast majority of exhibitions in Europe feature shell scheme booths as standard and these systems are supplied by manufacturers such as Octanorm, Sodem, Modul, Syma and others.

Shell scheme booths vary in size enormously and we have worked with large and small, ranging from a 10m x 6m island stand featuring a luxury meeting room, store, two corner “sales cubicles” and wall mounted plasma screens through to simple 2m x 2m corner stands.

Shell schemes are the backbone of the SME exhibition industry and most trade shows feature a vast array of these stands, often well over 100.

Shell scheme rules
Shell scheme booths are used by hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide as the basis of their exhibition displays, but there is a “sting”!

These units are only hired to exhibitors for the duration of their show, so they are governed by very strict rules regarding their use, typically:-

“No additional stand fittings or displays may be fixed to the shell scheme structure. Wall panels and other stand material will be inspected after the exhibition for signs of damage caused, for example: by nailing, drilling, wall papering, velcro, self adhesive tape etc. The cost of cleaning, repairing or replacing of damaged/misused equipment will be charged to the exhibitor”.

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